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Trailer / December 16, 2020


“Some Korean veterans believe that we lost the war, some believe that we won the war and some believe that our men died for a tie, in truth we did all three”

This so called ‘Forgotten War’ was one of the most gruelling battles to be fought, and was never forgotten by those involved. Millions of casualties were inflicted to all fighting parties including a Korean ‘peasant’ army, the US, Soviet Union and Chinese; the major players, the battle between communist misery and free world prosperity. The Korean War has left a great impact on history as a war underestimated, causing the armies involved to rapidly develop and improve in order to survive, turning around their tactics with blood, courage and sacrifice.

Enjoy this journey through the timeline of Korea, the hardships, victories and conclusion of one of the most unprepared war’s in history.

The Korean War – No Longer Forgotten is a two part documentary shedding light on this demanding war from beginning to end, highlighting the impact it has left on todays history.