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Trailer / September 3, 2020


August 31st 1997– it is a warm summer night in Paris, the city of love. At the back door of the Ritz
Hotel four people get into a black Mercedes sedan. One of those people is the most famous woman
in the world… Princess Diana.
In just a few minutes something is about to happen that will change the world… forever.
Since that night, there have been many claims revolving around a criminally orchestrated
conspiracy to end Princess Diana’s life, many suspicious circumstances surrounding her death have
meant that the world has been waiting for answers for over two decades.
Just thirty six years old. Diana, Princess of Wales completely changed the public perception of the
Royal Family during her time married to Prince Charles.
But what really happened in Paris that night?
Join us as we uncover the conspiracy theories that could point to an alternative and much more
sinister explanation for the sudden and tragic death of Princess Diana.