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Trailer / October 30, 2020


Get ready for Slime Time… it’s about to get messy!!! The slime craze has taken over the world.
Thanks to the internet, people all over are able to share their love for this crazy new sensation and
push their creativity to its limits. This gorgeous gooey substance has become a hobby and an
obsession for many. A combination of science, art and fun– slime is a putty-like sticky substance
that is made by mixing together unsuspecting household ingredients and causing a chemical
reaction. We share over an hour of the best slime tips, tricks and recipes. Staring internet
sensation Talisa Tossell, and many more content creators our slime experts will teach you
everything you need to know about slime- from butter slime, cloud slime to mermaid slime the
possibilities are endless. Join in on the fun, grab your ingredients and let’s get started!