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Trailer / June 25, 2020


So much has now been said about the turbulent life and phenomenal career of Michael
Jackson that it has become almost impossible to disentangle the man from the myth.
Perhaps more than any other icon in history of popular music, Michael Jackson remains a
charismatic but elusive figure of heated debate. But one fact will forever remain
undisputed… his extraordinary talent for creating truly original music, loved by millions. And
despite setbacks that would have ended careers of lesser men, Michael Jackson’s legions
of fans remain as loyal today as they have ever been and his accomplishments as the
King of Pop during the 1980’s will always remain some of the most impressive in music
history. Featuring candid contributions from Janet Jackson, Brook Shields, Gladys Knight
and from the King of Pop himself. Plus rare behind the scenes footage, this documentary
dares look into the life of one of the most enigmatic and flamboyant pop stars of our time.