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Trailer / December 22, 2020


The 22nd of November 1963 was a breezy winter day. Nobody could have known it was going to
become one of the darkest days in American history and the most horrifying public events of the
20th century.
John F Kennedy is quite possibly the most remembered president in American history. A natural
born public speaker who lead America through the difficult times of the cold war, keeping nuclear
destruction at bay. He was considered to be the voice of the people by many. Until his life was
cruelly taken at the hands of an assassin.
Decades later…Kennedy’s assassination, is still a global mystery that affects the world to this date.
Who took that fatal shot that killed the President? Why was he the target? And what was the motive
behind the killing?
Join us as we explore one of histories most complex and unsolved mysteries. This…is the
assassination of John F Kennedy…The Ultimate Conspiracy.