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Trailer / October 29, 2020


Harry & Meghan- A Windsor Wedding
Great Britain is rejoicing as a new royal wedding is once again on the horizon. Prince Harry, fifth in
line to the throne, finally announcement his engagement to American actress Ms Meghan Markle
on November 27th 2017. The big day will be in the spring of 2018… and the venue… the
spectacular Windsor Castle.
The couple met through mutual friends in London in July 2016 when one of Ms Markle’s close
friends, reportedly introduced her to the prince, fast forward to November 2017 the couple smiled
as they posed for photographs outside Kensington Palace in London after they announced the
royal romance.
In the lead up to this momentous occasion this program will explore how these two unlikely lovers
were brought together, how they became to be the most talked about couple in the world and
how they will shape the future of the British monarchy. Discover what it will take for Markle to join
the British royal family, with and intense introduction to royal life. Prince Harry’s future bride is set
to undergo training with the SAS so that she is fully prepared for all situations. Her life as she used
to has now has changed forever.
This show features the complete first ever public interview of the couple together to the English
press on 27th November 2017, it also features testimonials and interviews from the people who
know them the best. Join us as we celebrate the engagement of Harry and Meghan