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Trailer / December 22, 2020


Germany is falling. Once the all-powerful country, now being crushed in the Second World
War. Adolf Hitler is in hiding. The feared dictator no longer publicly supports his people.
The man that fulled this chaos leaving the country to crumble. 28 feet underground, the
men and women who until now were proud of what they’d done, now they hide in fear of
what their fate will be once the war is over. Hitler is slowly going insane. Eva Braun refuses
to leave his side. With no hope left, they will never see their beloved Berlin the same.
This is a war brought about by Hitler, and this is a war that Hitler has fought for too long,
and he’s fighting it to the death. And he’s fighting it to the death of the people who he
supposedly loves. And he no longer loves them by the end of the war. He says that
basically the German people don’t deserve him. The German people don’t deserve
Germany. And everybody should fight to the death because, basically, they don’t deserve
to be alive because they failed him.
These are Adolf Hitler’s final days. Inside the Führerbunker.