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Trailer / December 22, 2020


Elvis Presley was born a star and is still called the King of Rock’n’
Roll. He made an enormous impact on people’s lives with his music,
his shows and his loveable personality, but he had a darker side
that very few people knew about. He was a complicated man with a
big temper, and despite being surrounded by friends, family and his
fans, he was lonely and became depressed. His quest for
spirituality shows us that he was searching for answers and the
meaning of life, and his spiralling drug problem played a big part
into his ‘descent into hell’. His best years in Vegas are haunted by
the dark times throughout the final years of his life. He became
broken, and while he found fame, he lost himself. His death was
sudden and tragic, but the signs were there all along that the King
had become ill, and wasn’t up for the show anymore.