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Trailer / November 4, 2020


If a single photograph can say a thousand words, a thousand photographs can tell an
incredible story.
In 1983 the most famous couple in the world arrived in Alice Springs, Australia for a
historic royal tour. Greeted by oceans of cheering fans, packing and lining each and every
street. Fans and admirers full of hope, optimism and love for the Prince and Princess.
All is not what it seems– a closer look back on this expansive royal tour reveals a much
more foreboding and gruelling reality. Two years married, a 9-month old child and constant
observation, no one could hide the truth forever and the cracks in the Wales’ marriage
were beginning to show.
The love they shared, “whatever love is”, began to fall apart and the world was left to see a
man of royalty, stoic and cold trying to understand a woman of the people, vulnerable and
sweet. From Australia to New Zealand this is an incredible look at the 1983 royal tour like
never before.