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Trailer / September 15, 2020


Use of Marijuana, cannabis, reefer, grass, pot, weed, hash, Mary Jane, whatever you call it, has
been prevalent for millennia. From centuries old tinctures to the early drafts of the American
Cannabis has been vital to the progression of mankind. Its use has been prevalent throughout
millennia. Once used in over 30,000 different products, cultivation of the drug provided ancient
cultures with a remedy and strong source of fibre. From its diverse uses in war and exploration, to
medicine and intoxication, Cannabis has been instrumental to the evolution of civilisations around
the globe. Only in this last century has mankind been prohibiting one of the most useful plants on
our planet.
Propaganda, lobbying campaigns, and misinformation had altered the way we view the plant and
its users. Giving rise to the so-called “War on Drugs”.
In turn, boosting the black market and the vilification of minorities.
But… as perceptions towards the illicit drug continues to evolve, and legalisation expands, we take
a look back at Cannabis…Through The Ages.