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Trailer / December 18, 2020


Diana Spencer, the youngest daughter to an Earl, grew up on the Sandringham estate in close
proximity to the Royal family, which meant she happened to be close enough to catch Prince
Charle’s eye. Just as Charles fell immediately in love with the Princess Diana, so did Britain.
A shy quiet country girl becomes the most famous woman in the world almost overnight. No one
could’ve prepared Lady Diana Spencer for the relentless pressures and spotlight that would shine
on her entire adult life. In her short life Princess Diana was able to challenge the old traditional
stoic Royal silence and brought a Queen and her people closer than ever before.
This fascinating documentary reveals and relives the story of the naive young girl in the years and
months before her seemingly fairytale marriage to Prince Charles and charts her incomparable
and challenging journey to become the icon, the People’s Princess, Princess Diana.