The sound designer works with the director to shape an overall, consistent soundtrack that exploits the expressive possibilities of the sound medium. The over all sound design is organically related to the narrative and thematic needs of the film
Direct sound treatment for the purpose of removing any noise other than the speech of the characters, to create a clean and homogeneous dialogue track.
Creation of: Foley, sound effects (SFX) and background (BG). Is the production of all the sounds in your movie or video that are not dialogues or music.
Audio restoration is a subjective process, and there are many strategies or perspectives that the audio engineer or sound editor can employ. The archival perspective says that audio restoration should restore the recording to its original condition, while the commercial perspective says that the recording should be both restored and enhanced to appeal most immediately with modern audiences.
In the mix, you create the balance between dialogues, music and sound effects, according to the narrative to help tell the story of your movie or video.