Heather Aspinall

Heather Aspinall has worked in various roles on multiple film projects. She has worked for several media companies including AVP Studios and Shoot it Yourself which was featured on the television series Dragons Den. Heather has a passion for the fantasy genre and all things filmmaking. She enjoys employing new techniques and trying out creative ideas and unusual approaches. She is currently studying at the University of York completing a masters degree in Postproduction with Visual Effects. Her knowledge of the fantasy genre, range of experience and willingness to explore new filmmaking techniques is invaluable to create a cohesive, interesting and dynamic film.

The Project

TRAPPED MAGIC is a dark fantasy film with a murderous twist. The main character Jack teams up with a devious witch from the past to seek revenge on anyone who has wronged him. The story is loosely based on the myth of Sally the Dunstable Witch and the Bottled Curse where a young woman was wrongly burned at the stake for supernatural behaviour. Her ghost was said to haunt the village where she was born until she was imprisoned within a bottle of herbs and buried deep underground. TRAPPED MAGIC appears as a continuation of Sally’s story, where an evil witch is released many centuries later, fuelled with hatred and looking for revenge. The witch manipulates a troubled college student named Jack to join the rampage, but when her actions become murderous Jack begins to question his loyalty.


  • Mixing
  • Re-recording

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